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Saving multiple objects to sql database with spring data jpa

I want to have multiple objects in a single save to the database. Can I use the saveAll() method to do it? For example, if I have an entity called ‘Foo’ and an entity called ‘Bar’, could I define a method such as:
public Foo saveFoo(Foo foo) {
Foo fooDB = entityManager.merge(foo);
Bar bar = entityManager.find(Bar.class, foo.getBarId());
return fooDB;

So this way I can pass in a single Foo, and a single Bar to save to my database.


If you use JPA’s built-in support for collections to keep the objects, you can use flush() as you did, and then you don’t have to worry about any in-between commands that would cause a commit.
The problem is that you’re using hibernate as your JPA provider, so that is not an option for you to use. If you’re fine with that, as you seem to be by using the hibernate library, then you can still achieve the result you’re looking for. The following is how you would set up a bidirectional relationship between Foo and Bar:
public class Foo {

private Bar bar;


public class Bar {

private Foo foo;


After that, you can use JPA’s methods to add and remove elements from the collections of both entities when you need

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