Facebook Friend Adder Bot V3.2 Cracked 34 [WORK]

Facebook Friend Adder Bot V3.2 Cracked 34 [WORK]

Facebook Friend Adder Bot V3.2 Cracked 34 [WORK]

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Facebook Friend Adder Bot V3.2 Cracked 34

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How to synchronize threading and also perform actions?

I want to load a lot of data simultaneously and after that I want to operate with that data synchronously.
The problem is that the loading can be stopped by user action and we don’t want to wait until the whole loading is done before performing some action with the data.
The solution is to use threading.
The question is: how can I perform synchronization?
I have two classes:

DataLoader – contains the real work and loading data
DataOperator – performs some operations on data

The DataLoader has to perform loading in a synchronous way, but the problem is that there can be other actions performed by DataOperator.
I can’t realize some kind of queue or synchronize blocks in DataLoader, because DataLoader is started by dataOperator.
May be there is a way to use synchronization in DataLoader?


You could use a Condition variable from threading to synchronize the actions of your DataOperator with that of the DataLoader.
DataLoader {
private List data;
private Condition condition;
// constructor
public void loadData() {
data = buildDataList(…);
condition.await(); // wait until data is loaded

public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
// determine if DataLoader is loaded
if(data == null)
// perform the desired action on Data

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