Telecharger Logiciel Piratage Facebook 2012 Hacker Facebook Gratuit _VERIFIED_

Telecharger Logiciel Piratage Facebook 2012 Hacker Facebook Gratuit _VERIFIED_


Telecharger Logiciel Piratage Facebook 2012 Hacker Facebook Gratuit

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How to connect a macro to button in KIVY?

I have a button inside kv file and a macro based on this button. After updating the button property it is not showing any indicator which needs to be done in the macro.
When the button property is changed programmatically, the callback can not be called from the kivy event loop.
Are there any ways to get the callback from the event loop?


There are two options
1) Call the function in the event loop
on_press: root.counter(self.get_root().pos[0], self.get_root().pos[1])
on_touch_up: root.counter(self.get_root().pos[0], self.get_root().pos[1])

2) Call the function in the kv file
on_press: root.counter(self.get_root().pos[0], self.get_root().pos[1])

I have used the first option many times in my apps.


any limits on the number of rMIPS?

I know that IMIPS, MMIPS, and MIPS are all different types of architecture and that MIPS wasn’t “officially” created until the Pentium Pro launched in 1995. I’m sure MIPS was around before that. But my question is, is there any limit on the number of MIPS Instructions or RAM in a machine? In other words, does the x86 architecture have a fixed limit on the number of instructions or RAM?


MIPS IS A COMPETITIVE PRODUCT IN THE DESIGN PARTS. It’s not something you’d make a decision on for your own project or application. But it has many advantages which could be considered ‘lose-lose’ issues to your product (whatever that is). So it’s probably not worth a lot of people’s time to try to

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