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AutoCAD is widely used in architectural, engineering and other design disciplines. In 2018, industry analysts estimated that AutoCAD users created nearly 3 billion lines of drawing data and more than 2.1 billion blocks. Users also created 4.5 million models, 3.1 billion sheets of tracing paper, and 20,000 views.

AutoCAD Introduction

AutoCAD has been introduced several times since the 1982 first release. The following is a chronological listing of version numbers of AutoCAD along with the release dates and features.

AutoCAD Basic 1985

AutoCAD Deluxe 1987

AutoCAD LT 1989

AutoCAD LT 2019

AutoCAD 2020

AutoCAD 2021

What is AutoCAD?

With a large number of Autodesk products, the question of which is the best CAD software application can be a difficult one to answer. AutoCAD is a commercial CAD application, which includes both a desktop and mobile version. This is a more basic AutoCAD application that includes very basic 2D drafting functions.

It is available for PC computers running Windows and for Mac computers running OS X.


Perhaps the greatest benefit of AutoCAD is that it is an Autodesk product and therefore comes with the promise of technical support. Autodesk is best known for its AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT products, which are highly regarded among users.


The desktop version of AutoCAD does not have the same level of robust and fully featured technical support as the newer applications.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AutoCAD LT

Because it is a smaller application, it is less expensive than AutoCAD.

It has fewer features, and so does not have the same technical support.

It is a free application.

Autodesk AutoCAD LT is an AutoCAD simplified version. It is available for PC, Mac and mobile devices. AutoCAD LT was first introduced in 1989 and is considered a successor to AutoCAD Basic.

It is available for a free trial for 30 days. The 30-day trial expires after the 30 days. It requires a registration to download the full version.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AutoC

AutoCAD 20.0 Crack+ With License Key For PC (2022)

It is also possible to develop products that integrate into AutoCAD. In AutoCAD 2010 the integrated product architecture has been replaced with plugins.

Integrated development environments

Autodesk® Forge
Autodesk Forge is a cloud-based Application Programming Interface (API) server for AutoCAD that allows for the development, deployment and management of AutoCAD applications from within a modern web browser. Forge is accessible from both Windows and Mac platforms and is available at no additional cost to the AutoCAD user.

AutoCAD 360 (based on the Forge architecture) is an advanced application that integrates into the user’s AutoCAD desktop to enhance the CAD user experience. It provides additional functions, such as 2D and 3D design collaboration (Gantt), Unified Viewer (user interface for viewing model files and project files), real-time status and notifications of model status updates, commenting and drawing management of objects. In addition, as a cloud-based product it provides access to a wide range of tools and resources in one location.

Google Autocad
Google has released Google Autocad, an app for Android smartphones that is a “single, cloud-based workflow for all your AutoCAD projects”. Google Autocad is similar to Autodesk Forge but lacks the capability to export directly to DWG/DXF files.

Applications with Forge/Autocad functionality

AutoCAD Manager
AutoCAD Manager is an application that provides additional functions for AutoCAD that are accessible within the AutoCAD interface, without needing to leave the application. This includes Gantt diagrams, drawing and part management, streaming and collaborative sharing, search and annotation tools, the ability to open and edit files in the cloud and even synchronize your AutoCAD drawings in your Google Drive.

AutoCAD 360
AutoCAD 360 is a 3D application that integrates into the AutoCAD interface and provides the ability to view, comment, manage, publish and share 3D models and projects. It is also the basis for the Autodesk Exchange App.

AutoCAD 2013
Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 was released in 2013.

AutoCAD 2010
Autodesk AutoCAD 2010 was released in November, 2009 and marked the year when Autodesk closed its previous version of AutoCAD.

Awards and recognition

In 2012, Forbes magazine named Autodesk’s AutoCAD one of its

AutoCAD 20.0

Create a user account, and password on the user interface.

Open Autocad and activate the Autocad using the keygen that is prepared by ourselves.

Save the Autocad file.

How to use the program
Launch Autocad.

Autocad shows us the initial screen with several options for our use.

Then we can create a new drawing, new function, new tool, etc.

Autocad always stays on the initial screen.

We can close or open Autocad easily.

Autocad has its own file format in.cad files.

Autocad gives us a folder to save the file.

Save the file in the folder by pressing the button on the tool bar.

How to save the file in Autocad

To create a new file from an existing file, we need to follow the steps below:

Click on the drop-down arrow on the top of the screen and select the file.

Then, click on the Save button to save the file.

For instance, the sample drawing is “sample.cad”.

To save the drawing as new, we need to follow the steps below:

Click on the drop-down arrow on the top of the screen and select the file.

Then, click on the Save button to save the file.

For instance, the sample drawing is “sample.cad”.

In Autocad, we can see the file format, we can also save the file in the program.

In the top of the file, there is a file name, and the extension is cds.

For instance, the sample file name is “sample.cad” and the extension is “.cad”.

Save in the computer means to save the file on the hard drive.

We can share the file easily.

In the computer, we can open the file using the software.

In the computer, we can open the file by dragging the file on the icon of the file extension.

We can do many things with the file that has been saved in the computer.

In Autocad, we can do many things, we can do many things with the file that has been saved in the computer.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Examine and markup multiple designs simultaneously.

Pick different symbols from a library based on language, style, or type, then quickly examine and markup the entire drawing. (video: 1:37 min.)

Choose from different types of symbols and highlight all instances in the drawing based on the type. You can preview how these symbols will look on your AutoCAD files and on your print output, then automatically attach the symbols to the drawing. (video: 1:29 min.)

Easily track changes with the DVC Markup utility.

With the DVC Markup utility, you can automatically track changes made in the drawing by designating which objects are to be marked in different colors, automatically attaching files to drawings, and storing versions of your drawings in a project library. (video: 1:23 min.)

Get information from other AutoCAD files.

With the Markup Manager utility, you can quickly add information from other files to an existing drawing and, without changing the drawing, associate and tag imported objects. You can also copy and paste objects, and you can automatically change references to the original file. (video: 1:43 min.)

Get information about a drawing based on an existing file.

With the Markup Manager utility, you can open an existing drawing and quickly add information from an external file to the drawing. You can also copy and paste objects, and you can automatically change references to the original file. (video: 1:42 min.)

Make diagrams with the Graphical Mathematics utility.

With the Graphical Maths utility, you can add mathematical expressions to your drawings to capture information about your design. You can create text, arrows, scales, and more, and you can capture information about each expression. (video: 1:21 min.)

Use a new set of commands for executing command scripts.

You can now run AutoLISP command scripts. These scripts, which are written in the AutoLISP programming language, allow you to write a script that can perform tasks such as opening a new drawing, creating new blocks, and moving drawings. (video: 1:49 min.)

Draw more complex shapes with a new set of commands.

You can draw a large variety of shapes with the new drawing commands. You can create compound and defined arcs, lines, and arcs, polylines, multilines, Bézier curves, ellipses, and circles

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