Crack Download [32|64bit] Crack Download [32|64bit] is a software tool whose sole purpose is to aid individuals in viewing all the items saved to the Clipboard, taking snapshots and managing all items.
The advantages of a portable app
The installation process is not a prerequisite, as this utility is portable. This means that you can place the program files to a USB thumb drive, so as to take it anywhere with you and run it on any computer you have been granted access to.
In addition to that, you should know that the Windows registry and hard drive are not going to be updated with new entries without your approval, and no leftovers will remain behind after its removal.
Clear-cut environment
The interface you come across presents a pretty well-organized and clean design, as it consists of a navigation panel, a few buttons, a pane in which to see a few details regarding copied items and another one which enables you to preview selected elements. It becomes quite clear that both power and novice users can learn how to handle it with great ease.
View containing items and information about them, and save them to the HDD
This program remembers all the items you save to the Clipboard, be they images, texts or URLs, and enables you to view information pertaining to them such as caption, copied from, application, time, group and size.
In addition to that, you can easily view the last item copied, while it is also possible to edit an items’ contents, share it on Facebook, add it to Favorites, include it in a group and protect or unprotect it with just a click of the button. You can manually add text items, take screenshots and save items using their default formats. A search function is included and you can view logs.
Bottom line
In conclusion, proves to be a pretty useful piece of software when it comes to saving all Clipboard items and managing them. The interface is intuitive and the response time is good. It does not hinder the computer’s performance and we did not come across any bugs or crashes in our tests.



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Consist of organized list of all the clipboard items on your computer. It allows you to view the image, caption, from where it was copied, date, image size and protect/unprotect it with a click of a button.
View items on the list and preview their items in the pane.
Let you save the items to your hard drive or to your USB drive.
Create new tabs and add new items on your list.
Share items to Facebook or other social networks.
Save the images by their name, location, size or dimensions.
Save the URL of the copied page, image, text or music.
Copy your items to the clipboard.
Delete images, songs, videos, text and URLs from your clipboard.
Lock items to prevent copying.
Email the image to your email account.
Preview the images on your list.
Search items using names, dates and size.
Support Image Viewer and QuickTime.
Supported Operating Systems:

Taking a screenshot of a clipboard content or from where it was copied is a simple and effective way to preserve images and texts while saving your computer’s resources. While you can easily take a screenshot of the entire desktop, it’s possible to take a screenshot only from where a window is active. Unfortunately, the process is quite complicated and the results are not as reliable as one could expect.
When a window is opened, an application manages and moves all the graphical elements to the right place. This applies even to the elements located in the title bar, menu bar and the other ones. The desktop includes a set of areas which you can use to specify which areas you wish to take a screenshot of. This can include any windows, menus or the buttons on the toolbar. It is possible to also assign these areas the ‘hot corners’ on the screen, so that they become clickable.
You may find yourself in a situation when you have to take a screenshot only from specific area. Using the hot corners to position the screenshot area is the first thing you should think of, but if you find that it is too complicated, then you can use a tool which does its job with a click of a button. The task at hand may be too much for the ordinary user, but for those who are good at scripting and require a bit of practice, the process is quite simple.
If you need to take a screenshot from a certain area, use “Print Screen” hot corner and then click
7ef3115324 Crack + is a program that enables users to take screenshots of all images, texts, URLs, etc. that they copy into the clipboard and save them on a local or online system.
What’s New in this version:
7.1.23 March 2016: Fix: Error in the General tab when opening the menu if the clipboard contains images.
7.1.22 March 2016: Fix: Context menu items in the elements window if the item clipboard text contains images.
7.1.21 March 2016: Fix: Context menu items in the elements window if the item clipboard text contains images.
7.1.20 March 2016: The Popup menu in the ‘Save Image’ menu should be collapsed by default (Make it always).
7.1.19 March 2016: Fix: Error in the ‘Save Image’ menu.
7.1.18 March 2016: Fix: UI / Memory fix
7.1.17 March 2016: Fix: Setting for the clipboard images through the command line or inside the ‘Save Image’ menu.
7.1.16 March 2016: Fix: Update to the latest version of PNGlib.
7.1.15 March 2016: Fix: Closing the program on clicking on the back button.
7.1.14 March 2016: Fix: Fixed bug in the Popup menu items
7.1.13 March 2016: Fix: Fix in the ‘Make Safe’ menu entries.
7.1.12 March 2016: Fix: Fix in the “Make Safe” / “Unmake Safe” menu entries
7.1.11 March 2016: Fixed: Fix in the Background menu items (Make the background red in case of removing an item, or gray if adding it).
7.1.10 March 2016: Fix: Fix in the ‘Make Safe’ / ‘Unmake Safe’ menu.
7.1.09 March 2016: Fixed: Fix in the ‘Save Image’ menu.
7.1.08 March 2016: Fix: Fix in the ‘Save Image’ menu.
7.1.07 March 2016: Fixed: Eventual crash in ‘Save Image’ menu if the folder chosen to save the image to is an empty one.
7.1.06 March 2016: Fix: Crash when saving an image.
7.1.05 March 2016: Added: New Events tab to the main window.
7.1.04 March 2016: Fix: Crash in the Main menu

What’s New In

You have saved several screenshots, documents and URLs on your clipboard. will help you save all these items at once to your HDD, so as to avoid losing them and to make it easier for you to restore them when needed. will also enable you to view important details about each clip, such as the copied text, the application used, the folder, the date, the size and the group.
It is basically an extension of a print screen. A lot of people are used to print screens and therefore looks a lot like a Windows Print Screen, though its interface is cleaner and it is more user-friendly.
Features: allows you to view all your clipboard items and save them at once to your HDD. You can choose to save them to a single folder or make it automatically take a snapshot of the selection from the clipboard.
It works on all editions of Windows, without any restriction. is a free, portable and safe utility. You can transfer it to any USB thumb drive, save it as a portable app and run it from any computer which is connected to the Internet.
A search function is included which is quite helpful, as you can look up images, screenshots and other items on the web.
A preview pane displays the last item you selected on your clipboard. It also gives you the possibility to view the selected image.
A click on the image will enable you to take a new screenshot and save it to your HDD. can automatically upload items to Facebook, which is of great help if you want to share images or other items with your friends.
You can include an item in a Favorites group, which is useful if you are saving a lot of items and want to group them. is compatible with all the clipboard’s items formats, but you can always manage these with a click of the button. is a very intuitive and stable application. There is no lag when taking snapshots and you can be sure that no data is lost.
Highlights’s search function, which enables you to search for images on the web, will show you photos of the artwork you saved and pictures you took of the URLs you copied on your Clipboard.
You can save items to a single folder or take a snapshot of the selection from the clipboard, which can be helpful when it comes to sharing files.
Included with the program are an Internet

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.8 or later
20GB free disk space
Windows XP or later
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