DCOffset 1.01 Crack

DCOffset 1.01 Crack

DCOffset will ensure maximum dynamic range and bit utilization by correcting for DC offset.
In a studio or mastering environment, nothing is more important than maintaining the utmost audio quality throughout the mix. One of the common problems that is encountered, that effects this is referred to as ‘DC Offset’, and simply means that a given audio source does not have the correct 0-crossing, and is shifted either up or down from there.
Say hello to AnalogX DCOffset, and say goodbye to DC offset headaches forever! DCOffset is the ONLY DirectX Audio plugin capabable of not only correcting DC offset, but detecting and analyzing DC offset audio in realtime! Forget using a seperate application that has to scan the entire file before it can even get an approximate reading – DCOffset can do better after processing less than 10 seconds of incoming audio.
Of course, DCOffset requires an application that supports DirectX Audio plugins (like the Paris or WaveLab), and works with either the realtime or non-realtime applications as well. DCOffset supports mono or stereo sound streams, as well as 16bit and 32bit data types.







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– Features
* Avoid DC offset problems and maintain maximum audio quality.
* Detects and corrects a DC offset in realtime.
* Avoid DC offset by adjusting parameters such as sample rate and bit depth.
* Synchronize multiple audio streams such as the input and output.
* Analyze the detection results in real time.
* Employ the GPU to analyze the data in a non-realtime environment.
* Supports sample rates and bit depths according to the sound card of the user.
* Provide the manual that contains the user’s manual, specifications and sample code.

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Reviews of our software

Steam Browser

11 Mar 2015

Jamie Allan

Hey guys, here is an update for the plugin. I added the ability to view the video in a new viewer that i developed in house. This viewer is a modification of one that i made a while ago.

US Border Plugin

12 Jan 2015


Excellent work, I couldn’t find anything on the internet about this plugin so if anyone knows why it’s so good, please let me know 🙂

Audio Hijack Pro

03 Oct 2013

Fabien Said

A nice trick to add into your program chain.

Kodi for Windows

24 Sep 2013

David Taylor

Probably the greatest improvement since its debut. I was a Beta tester, and I wrote all of their releases.


05 Aug 2012

Doug Miller

Great plugin and getting better and better with every release.


14 May 2012


Easy to use. Works on all my source files.

Works great!

26 Jan 2012


Great plugin. It works flawlessly.

Great plugin!

13 Jan 2012

DCOffset 1.01 [Win/Mac] [Latest 2022]

– (1.0).0 – Superb DC Offset Correction. With this setting, DCOffset will correct the DC offset with a combination of linear and Logarithmic calculations, to ensure maximum dynamic range and bit utilization by reducing noise in the audio spectrum.
– (1.0).1 – Basic DC Offset Correction. With this setting, DCOffset will correct the DC offset with a combination of Logarithmic calculations and a simple linear calcuation, which is typically all that is needed for most situations.
– (1.0).2 – Quick and Simple. With this setting, DCOffset will first correct the DC offset using a simple logarithmic calcuation, and only after that will it apply the logic recalculation. The purpose for this is to prevent overshooting and oscillation, as well as to avoid audible artifacts in the audio.
– (1.0).3 – High Precision. With this setting, DCOffset will use a combination of linear and Logarithmic calculations to ensure maximum dynamic range and bit utilization by reducing noise in the audio spectrum, as well as correcting for DC offset audio.
– (1.0).4 – Extensive Calibration. With this setting, DCOffset will calibrate every sample before it is even assigned to the spectrum. While this is often done before the output to the display, it will not affect the audible waveform itself.
– (1.0).5 – Isolated Calibration. With this setting, DCOffset will perform calibration for each channel separately. When combining multiple channels together, the result will be extended to the full 16bit range.
– (1.0).6 – Full Calibration. With this setting, DCOffset will perform full calibration for all channels, and will result in the best possible calibration. While this is typically not needed, DCOffset will continue to perform calibration on every sample, and all calibrations will be applied and displayed.
– (1.0).7 – No Calibration. With this setting, DCOffset will bypass the calibration process, and simply adjust the values of the incoming data for offset.Lollipop Catfish


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DCOffset 1.01 Serial Number Full Torrent Latest

Corrects DC offset in incoming audio.
Regulates incoming audio (i.e. Level shift) to correct DC offset.
DCOffset Analysis:
DCOffset analyzes incoming audio for DC offset and determines correction.
DCOffset Notation:
X = DC offset
DC = DC offset meter.
DC offset is measured in Volts.
Audio In:
Audio In is the incoming source data.
Audio In is L/Cd an either Mono or Stereo.
Bits/Sample Rate:
Bits/Sample Rate is either 16 bits or 32 bits per sample.
Right or Left:
Right or Left is The polarity of the DC offset.
Right or Left check box:
Uncheck right/left to disable polarity detection, which will result in a no-gain or DC offset.
Measurement Time:
Measurements are made in seconds of audio.
Measurements check box:
Uncheck to disable realtime data display.
Highlighted check box:
Highlighted checkbox indicate the plugin can analyze and correct DC offset from multiple audio layers, within different channels of an audio stream.
DC Offset is really a necessity for this software. A high quality console is not like a microphone, because the audio system is engineered to handle high voltage audio signals with ease – and the level of compensation that DCOffset provides is critical to your audio system’s sound quality.
The best I can say is – DCOffset provides something that the majority of other DAWs can’t.

CDAudioDCOffset is a DirectXAudio plugin that allows you to correct or analyzes incoming audio for DC offset and determines the level shift needed to correct it.
The basic premise is that most source files are not balanced, meaning that there is a polarity between the left and right channels. If you have a stereo file that is not balanced, the resulting output will also be unbalanced. To account for this, any audio application that uses a file as its source will also usually have a DC offset applied.
DCOffset is not designed for fixed point audio, and cannot properly analyze 16bit or 32bit files without varying level shifts. You can however, set the plugin to shift the file up or down by a few bits if the file is not correct, but it is not recommended, as this will affect the audio quality of

What’s New in the DCOffset?

– Monitoring: Reads the audio DC offset immediately after they cross the zero mark and then continuously monitors the audio to detect any DC offset.
– Correction: Finds the correct negative/positive offset value and changes it in place.
– Analysis: Converts the incoming audio to FLAT, i.e. removes any frequency components.
– Automation: Lets the user manually move the DC offset value from its 0-crossing to the desired level.
– Presets: Lets the user save their current DC offset value for use on future projects.
NOTE: To see a full list of “Supported Plugins”, just visit:

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Run a batch file or VB Script, set target to a file, and run this plugin.

This plugin will get the video path information of a youtube url, and then launch the video with same path.

In this case, you will get the real video path to upload to youtube.

Input: path

System Requirements For DCOffset:

PowerColor Radeon RX 580 Red Devil 8G OC
2x8GB DDR4 2133MHz (2 x 4GB)
Windows 10 64bit
4K 60Hz
2x8GB DDR4 2666MHz (2 x 4GB)
2x8GB DDR4 2666


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