HD Online Player (gift From Above 2003 Download //FREE\\ Movie ) 🚨

HD Online Player (gift From Above 2003 Download //FREE\\ Movie ) 🚨

HD Online Player (gift From Above 2003 Download //FREE\\ Movie ) 🚨


HD Online Player (gift From Above 2003 Download Movie )

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Why does this PWM fail when I add a 3rd input channel?

Having just run into a difficult bit of timing and thresholding, I was surprised that adding a third input channel to my PWM design to send a signal that would simply force the PWM to switch on every cycle was not enough to cause the timing to fail. My resulting circuit is this:

The only changes were to the BJT transistors and resistors and the addition of a fixed current source to send a positive signal along to pin A. I expected the timing to be identical to the previous, which is here.
However, when I ran it and timed the pulse, it was clear that the timing was vastly different. The pulses are out of time, and I can see in the scope that the output pulses are much closer together than I would expect. The only real differences between the two versions are the BJT transistors and a couple of changes to the resistors and fixed current source.
How is it that the third input channel I added can be so disruptive to the timing of the PWM?


I’m not a fan of R’s for RC time constants, but if you have a resistor from one side to the other, then I don’t see a problem.
You might be using a pull-up for the output, and if so, make sure your PWM output swings before the pull-up allows the BJT to turn off.
I’m also not sure you need a level shifter at all.
Your current loop design would keep changing resistors for the output driver, which I think would be a problem.
For example, when I was getting into PWM, my first circuit was this:

simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab
simulate this circuit
Your PWM time would have to be exactly 1/(2 * 10^-3 * 2^9) seconds. The output would be on for 2 * 10^-3 seconds, then off for 2^9 seconds. So 1/(2 * 10^-3 * 2^9) seconds is your required duty cycle.
In the picture above, the time on for the output is less than the time off for the output.


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