Turtles Forever [Uncut -RMVB].rmv !!BETTER!! 📀

Turtles Forever [Uncut -RMVB].rmv !!BETTER!! 📀

Turtles Forever [Uncut -RMVB].rmv !!BETTER!! 📀

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Turtles Forever [Uncut -RMVB].rmv

Where can i find the.rmv extension for my video?


No, you don’t need.rmv extension.
See the video page on YouPorn website

If you experience problems with the.rmv extension, just upload the.rmv video to any video sharing website which uses QuickTime for video transfer.

Just type in any video sharing website like:




just some idea. i found that mkv. is a supported format in other people’s software. so you can just try it, if it doesn’t work you can try other software with lrv extension.

or you can also use ffmpeg
ffmpeg -i -vcodec copy -s 720×480 -vframes 1 -f mpeg4


Use named pipe in python

I have a problem how to use named pipe from python for process communication.
I have tried to use two solution:
1.As an input file for subprocess
2.As a named pipe
Here is my python code
import os
import subprocess

proc_output_file = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), “../proc_output.txt”)

def main(input_file):
output = open(proc_output_file, “w”)
input_file_name = os.path.basename(input_file)
if input_file_name:
os.system(“echo %s > %s” % (input_file_name, proc_output_file))

if __name__ == “__main__”:

I can see in proc_output.txt the name of file with extension “.pid” but not the value of input_file
when I use subprocess the output file is not created.
import os
import subprocess
import tempfile



You’re trying to use the -f option for rm when it needs -i. Make sure you use the correct argument to rm as the rm -f command will remove the files (for example, rm -f file1 file2)
rm -f *.*

Also, I would recommend adding the -i in case there are any files matching the wildcards (otherwise the command will run but not do anything)


The -f option makes it remove any files that exist and can be removed (removed, not moved).
The rm command (with no switches, like rm -f) removes the files, not the directories (even if there are no directories or subdirectories). So it should not be used on directories (because it will remove directories with nothing in them).
Try rm -i *.* or just rm -i *.* or (better) even just rm *.*. This will remove all files, including directories (which are in fact files), and not delete the directories.

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C. A. Davis: More of the Same

“Game, set, match. The conservatives have seized the party. But where the hell is the tea party? Hell, give me a break, the majority of the tea party is conservative.”

Listen, we all have been hearing this all along. No matter who has run in the past, the conservatives were in control

Frank Castle

Frank Castle

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