Multivariable Calculus Edwards Penney 6e ☠

Multivariable Calculus Edwards Penney 6e ☠


Multivariable Calculus Edwards Penney 6e


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I am trying to use pandas to read the data. The data has 3 tabs : Numerator, Denominator and pdfzip. The pdfzip tab has a pandas list that makes df1.docx,df2.docx,…, df4.docx.
Here is my code:
import pandas as pd

df1.to_csv(‘Multivariable calculus edwards penney 6th edition.docx’, sep=’,’)
df2.to_csv(‘Multivariable calculus edwards penney 6th edition Numerator.docx’, sep=’,’)
df3.to_csv(‘Multivariable calculus edwards penney 6th edition Denominator.docx’, sep=’,’)
df4.to_csv(‘Multivariable calculus edwards penney 6th edition pdfzip.docx’, sep=’,’)

I want to rename the last column of df1 to the old name, and convert all the files to pdf so I can automatically open them. So far I have been able to open each file with
pd.read_excel(‘Multivariable calculus edwards penney 6th edition.docx’).pdf

However, I would like to combine the four files and rename the last column of df1 to “Numerator”. If I use df1.rename(columns={‘Last column’:’Numerator’}, axis=1), it gives the error : AttributeError: ‘DataFrameGroupBy’ object has no attribute’rename’
How do I combine all the files into one file with the ‘Numerator’ column as the last column?


Here’s a solution with the methods you mentioned.
dfs = [df1,

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WebView showing error script does not run in a WebView Chrome Android

I have an app on Google Play that has a WebView. When I tap on a button in the app, the user gets taken to a web page with AJAX scripts, and then the user comes back to the app.
The problem is that the app keeps opening the web page, then closes right away. It does this only on Chrome for Android, both Android 2.3 and Android 4.0. I tried with Chrome and Firefox on Android 2.3, but neither works.
The code for my WebView is like this:
public void onPageStarted(WebView view, String url, Bitmap favicon) {

Log.v(“info”, “onPageStarted”);


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