Dowload Love Chess Salvage

Dowload Love Chess Salvage



Dowload Love Chess Salvage

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Love Chess Salvage
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Where to watch Love Chess Salvage online. When a comedy series is a hit, it generally means it has struck a nerve. On one such occasion, the channel chose an ostensibly quirky Indian sitcom. But the timing of an Indian version of Love Chess is excellent as it draws on a much-needed layer of irony.

The series which features a Bollywood star as the swashbuckling villain, was launched on Wednesday with the words: We are here to save Indian chess.

Shreyas Iyer is the go-to troll in the industry. A one-man brigade, Shreyas is the creator of many a successful hack, the biggest among them being Idunno.

Now the cheeky one has cast an Indian net on the Chess World series. The idea of a series that can claim 100 cases for India has been an amusing one. On a lot of levels, Love Chess Salvage is a new story that is layered on an old one. Essentially, it is a string of jokes that run like a theme park ride – with a great premise and a lot of humour to offer.

So what do you do with this roll-on-a-dice premise? Pour on a lot of dramatic purpose and pour on the comedy even more. Which brings us to the almost irreverent villain.

The series is engineered to tickle the funny bones of the audience – and does it well. Deepanjana (Sonali Bendre) is the self-appointed guardian of the chessboard in India. Shreyas chose to make Deepanjana the villain and not a protagonist. In a scene where Deepanjana tries to play chess against the world’s leading player, the net result is a collective LOL. In a classical scene of conflict, Deepanjana is shown to be a smart manipulator.

Shreyas has built a Bollywood character in Deepanjana – one that is both charming and fierce. The show is an opportunity to mock traditional Indian characters. Every time she veers off track, a character like Deepan

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