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How do I compile my Fortran code?

There are numerous ways to start coding in Fortran, here we briefly explain two of the most common ways to compile Fortran code. Of course there are other ways, but the two that are covered here are by far the most common ways to do it.

Compile a separate static library

A simple way to compile Fortran code is by using a separate static library that you then link into your application or an extension package. When you do this you need to do the following:

Compile the source of

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Regenerate SimpleIDP Application – I do not see option – Delete / Delete All?

I have several profiles and the simpleIDP plugin (simplenet IDP) is configured.
I would like to regenerate the application, so that it starts all over again.
However, I am not able to find such an option. The only buttons I see in the top right corner of the app are the following:


I have turned the setting to be able to delete credentials and turned off the ability to upload credentials to the service.
That is it.
My question is whether there is a way to entirely delete the app? I have tried deleting the SimpleIDP.war file, but this is of no use.
The reason I need to delete all existing profiles is that I have one running. The configuration is the same for all

I just need to grab only the following


to assign to 2 variables, if it happens once per line, I will get only 2 strings out of the output.


import re
with open(‘duck.txt’) as f:
for line in f:
if re.match(“AutoCADArchitecture2014x3232bitProductkeydownload”, line):
print line,
a, b = re.split(“[.\\\\][.\\\\]”, line)



EDIT: Regex match only the group of digits that are at the end of the line, the rest of the line is ignored.

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In the past years, genome segments of infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) strains were compared for genetic differences. However, knowledge about serological diversity in field strains is limited. Therefore, a serological survey of German field strains was carried out. The prevalence of (nearly) group- and subgroup-specific antibodies was examined using an indirect ELISA. Mixtures of seven different serotypes of European strains were used to evaluate the test system. Three strains derived from German flocks were analysed in depth for genetic differences in the S1 subunit of the spike glycoprotein and the S2 subunit of the nucleocapsid protein. In this analysis, a novel putative serotype was identified and termed ‘B’. This strain belongs to the IBV strain Ark strain group within serotype B and was identified with the serotype and subgroup specific tests. Results of the ELISA analyses revealed the predominant presence of serotypes H120, Massachusetts, 4/91 and Ark in Germany. Different subgroup-specificities were also found, with only one German isolate being able to be assigned to the BAV subgroup. In Germany, infections with strains belonging to serotype 4/91 seem to be more

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Why Autocad Architectural 2014 Release Date

It is a common responsibility of every human being to develop their ideas and share them with others. With that said, we felt that it was time to pass on those ideas. We spent weeks in the office writing. because the envelope shows that the term “clear” refers to the ClearCase window where you see the…

… the other columns…
When you select a chart element in Google Charts, it is added to the panel. This causes the panel to expand, which expands the chart. You can hide the chart by clicking on the X icon in the upper-right corner.
When you select a chart element in Google Charts, it is added to the panel. This causes the panel to expand, which expands the chart. You can hide the chart by clicking on the X icon in the upper-right corner.
The X icon.
The X icon is the last character that indicates the size of a chart. You can drag the chart to make the size larger or smaller.
The cursor.
The X-ray cursor represents the viewport of your screen. When you click the X-ray cursor, a tooltip will display information about the chart element.
The tooltips are displayed in 3D.

… the next chart, but because there’s a lot of data, I’ll only view the chart in two-dimensional form on the left.
In Project view, select More Window > ClearCase > Worklogs > Navigator. The project is now shown in Explorer view.
In Project view, select More Window > Clear

Frank Castle

Frank Castle

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