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I am looking for two things:

A route of attack: first proton attacks the carbonyl group in the first step
An intermediate: Shouldn’t there be some intermediate in the reaction?


You could also opt for a collision and proton transfer.
The lone pair of oxygen is far too unstable to be stable in the carbonyl centre of propane. I think the intermediate of your question is aldehyde.


You are right that the alkyl radicals will be very unstable because the alkene is a better leaving group. One of the most common ways to leave groups is to do an elimination reaction. Reactions with peroxy compounds tend to be very quick so this kind of process is the most reasonable.
When a peroxy compound reacts with an alkene the peroxy group is cleaved, forming alkyl peroxide and propene. The peroxide is quite stable and the alkyl radical is nucleophilic to the peroxide, forming a peroxyalkyl radical and the original alkene. This is not a radical addition. The radical reacts chemically and the carbon is removed from the alkene.


This is a peroxide coupling reaction. This is in the same family as the Grignard reaction.
The reactions are similar. We have two highly reactive chemicals react in a radical. They then react and form a radical. The addition of the alkyl radical to the peroxide displaces the peroxide and removes carbon.

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