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We have seen quite a few demo videos of some of the new features in FIFA 22, but it’s not too often that we get the chance to see how the game actually looks in motion. Check out this video to see what the new game looks like in motion.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

Please note that this video is NSFW and some players are using NSFW language.

I have also embedded a video below of the reactions of the 22 players used in the FIFA 22 demo:


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Download »»» DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download »»» DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Features Key:

  • Dynamic Dribbling – Easily adjust Dribbling to change how your Dribble runs, vanguard, speed, accelaration, and turning.
  • Improved Body Physics – New and more accurate data during flight. New way to make transfers based on lifestyle, teams & more.
  • Voice Calling – New voice calling system. Easier to switch to connected players and managers
  • New Refereeing System – Improved gameplay experience, a more high-paced, exciting & vibrant game.
  • Improved Team Management – Enhanced computer opponent AI and other improvements to coaching, tactics, player movements, and transfers.
  • Improved Kick Control More accurate and responsive Kick control.
  • Double Precision Control – New and improved double precision allowing smoother dribbling and passing.
  • Team Fit System – Improved optimisation and tweaking of the team to increase game quality.
  • Career Mode – Spend more time in the game and do more things in new ways with a revamped platform to progress.
  • New Ground-breaking Full Motion Technology (FM-FT) All-new in-game engine, FM-FT engine will give all players the chance to feel like they are FIFA 22 and play their way. Players will feel more energy and all new animations.
  • Enhanced Creativity tools – Create your own play actions using a new Create Tool, Export and Import functionalities, Modify Friendly game settings using a new Modify tool, more. Also improve your Personal Team Editor by giving you more tools to customise your teams.


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What do Football ™, Teemos and FIFA mean?

By popular demand, there has been a shake-up to where the key features of FIFA have been localized into a more football-orientated UI. Previously, this was located in the ‘FIFA’ menu, accessible in the FIFA Ultimate Team™ window, and in FIFA Ultimate Team™ games from the main menu.


“I’d like to raise my hand. I’d like to raise my hand.”

We have introduced Teemos – short for ‘teams’ – a completely new way to play and enjoy FIFA.

Teemos let you create a team with friends or against players in the game, and then compete against them in live matches hosted in matches across the world.

Teemos are the first step towards the ideal of the FIFA World League™ – a competition for the world’s best players, the Ultimate League™ – where the world’s best player will be crowned every year.

It’s a major step forward in the evolution of the FIFA game franchise.

Managing a team is easy.

When you create a team, you can select which player to recruit, edit the teams stats, see the players performance stats and see which players your team wants to invite to live matches, or push them out to the matchmaking pool.

Want to invite more players? No problem – you can simply invite them from the players tab.

Compete in live matches

Using Teemos, you can create teams and compete against players in real matches hosted in real locations on the FIFA World Map.

Competitions are organised by FIFA World Clubs, who each host their own tournaments. The worldwide tournament consists of four phases: Qualifying, which is a series of friendly matches played all over the world; The Round of 32, which consists of seven matches with seeded teams each played over two legs; The Round of 16, which consists of four knockout matches between the seeded teams; and the Final. The final of the tournament is played at a live venue.

You don’t have to invite your friends to live matches – you can simply find the player on the FIFA World Map and schedule a live game.

All you need is a copy of FIFA®22, ‘Teemos’ and the ‘Powered by Football™’ app


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This is where you’ll find all of the new experiences and content available with FIFA 22. In Ultimate Team, you’ll select a squad of real people, draw players from all levels of the game, and manage them like real pro players. You can also purchase packs that unlock in-game rewards as well as unique player items.

Be the captain on the pitch as you’re connected to all aspects of the game, including friends and other players around the world. FIFA 22 allows you to play as a player in FIFA in your friends’ worlds, inviting them to play alongside you as you collaborate to progress in your game. Or better yet, offer your friends the chance to play as you as they control your team in your world.

With improvements to the dynamic livestreams, you can share your football moments to friends and followers around the world in real time. You can even create your own show, invite your friends or fans, and start broadcasting to millions around the world.

In a new addition to in-game medals, in FIFA 22 you’ll receive interactive awards. You’ll be rewarded for your game-winning goals, penalty saves, critical own goals and match-winning assists. You can also share your scores, game stats, and Ultimate Team card ratings with your friends. If you win online, you can trade virtual awards for real ones, like top players, dream team, and much more.

Create a custom player with all of your favorite stats and gear. Each player comes with a series of unique real-world equipment options for you to choose from.

Take a trip around the world and find out which teams take on the best colors in the FIFA world.

FIFA 22 offers the most diverse bracket of World Cup and Club World Cup competitions to date. Test your skill against teams representing some of the top leagues in the world as you advance to the quarterfinals and beyond.

Transfers are now even easier and faster. All of your favorite players are now on one screen so you can easily keep track of every deal. You can also see real-world costs, new team and player fee options, and other details all


What’s new:

  • New Player Pathway


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The world’s biggest football game is back for a new era. FIFA 20 is a totally reimagined version of the all-time favourite, offering a deeper, faster and more connected football experience than ever before.

Control the ball on the pitch and dictate the game at any time with fluid, lifelike player movement and ball physics.

Or play on your own in the new Player Created Stories mode and take on your friends or the game’s A.I. rivals in the new Create-A-Club mode.

New features and fresh gameplay innovations in every game.

The game features over 350 official teams, and over 2,300 official players, with more to come.

We have added new controls, enhanced MyClub, and included brand new coaches like Lionel Messi and Lothar Matthäus.

We have listened to your feedback on the first release and are delivering a game that makes the most of the Xbox One X hardware.

We’ve also added a range of the most popular motion features, including Player Instincts, Skilled Moves, Superb Saves, and we’re introducing a new animated celebration system, MyMotions.

There are many more exciting new additions in FIFA 20 for you to discover.


New Playmaker Intelligence (player traits)

NEW This year, take control of your player by customising their Individual Skill Traits.

You can choose from three Personality Traits (Suit Up, Get into the Action, and Be the Boss) and two Injury Traits (Injury Threshold and Injury Aftercare).

Each Personality Trait influences your player’s play style and when they try new skills.

Use the new Personal I.Q. system to get ahead in your career.

Configure your team, player and manager in the Personal Settings and get ready for the biggest career season of your life.

NEW Advanced Player Instincts

Break the rules with Player Instincts, a brand new feature that lets you test the limits of strategy and allow the game’s A.I. rivals to play catch-up.

Player Instincts are a form of Customisation that can completely change your game.

During play, Player Instincts can let you decide how your own players should play, outsmart your opponents, or complete seemingly impossible dribbles.

Each Personal I.Q


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