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On-ball actions will also be more responsive with players now reacting to the ball that is headed their way.

“The integration of motion capture technology is something that can help football development at an exponential level,” said Peter Knol, Executive Vice President of EA SPORTS. “This is not a tool for simulation. It is what we have dreamt about for the last six years and now this technology has been brought to life.”

Created by the FIFA Development Lab, The Slingshot is the fastest way to enter and score goals in Fifa 22 Cracked Version. The Slingshot has also been redesigned in its entirety to take advantage of the new HyperMotion technology to make play-action even more realistic, quick and unpredictable.

“When creating a move, it takes a lot of time to decide on the precise direction, speed and power needed to create the effect,” said Kisho Takara, FIFA Team Studio Lead. “With the introduction of ‘HyperMotion Technology’ it is no longer necessary to calculate every movement and action during the creation of play. Every player can now just stand in the same position and begin to move. This technique allows for much faster and more realistic recreations of offensive play and assists.”

The highlight of the new HyperMotion technology is the ability for the player to take some of the decision making in a play away from the player and place it on the ball, allowing for even more offensive flair. For example, through the use of HyperMotion technology it is now possible to create the type of player move that was previously the reserve of only the best elite players. The example of the move below shows how it would be possible to deliver a bouncing ball from a free kick or long range throw in FIFA 22. The HyperMotion technology also ensures players can collect and play the ball with the same responsiveness as the game.

The Slingshot has been redesigned to ensure that from every position in the box, players will receive accurate passes from their teammates. Players in possession can launch the ball with power as they run towards goal, or choose the pass option to put the game into the players’ hands.

“Creating a pass was always complicated,” said Takara. “This aspect of the game has been greatly enhanced to allow for even more freedom. Players can choose the angle of approach in order to intercept the ball, or choose to let it come to them


Features Key:

  • World’s most famous football game returns with ground breaking new features for PC and PS4, including in-game purchases, Title Updates, new gameplay modes, a major presentation overhaul and an expansion in scope to immerse yourself in the beautiful game even more than ever before.
  • FIFA 21 gave us stickers, jersey variations and all the key features to make your football game personal, and FIFA 22 takes that to the next level. The number of possible combinations between player faces, kit, position and more is now completely realistic, with more than double the amount of facial hair and style influence from Players, Teams, and New Stadiums.
  • New control and gameplay features include expanding the ball ‘loft’ and dynamic physics for the acceleration and release of the ball (created from feedback from current fans in the community and those we spoke to at EA SPORTS FIFA, including fans in the Developer Forum who previously submitted FIFA Brain Teasers).
  • Presentation. FIFA 22 has a brand new presentation system with a variety of settings tailored to each player’s image on screen, a new card customization mode, a more premium, fun and accessible way to purchase items, and more.
  • ONLINE: Live more immersive and connected football with a major online feature set, including:
  1. Live the beautiful game with enhanced personalization and stadium sounds and atmosphere (including in-game teams that reflect real world clubs) as player and club name cards and inter-cluster market announcements, created by the best names in the community.
  • EMPT: Play gorgeous online Co-Operative matches with friends and join up to 25 friends as teammates in any of your favorite FIFA Ultimate Team teams


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FIFA is the world’s leading videogame brand and home of the FIFA franchise. The pinnacle of sports video gaming, FIFA allows for true emotional connections with players and live, fluid gameplay that puts the thrill of participation onto every TV. Each FIFA title from the past decade has won more awards from more prestigious publications than any other videogame across all platforms.

Throughout the past decade, the popularity of FIFA has reached new heights. The FIFA series has become a global phenomenon, with millions of daily FIFA players worldwide and over 500 million players world-wide. FIFA is now the top-selling videogame series in the world with 18 million units sold in the U.S. alone.

The FIFA franchise boasts numerous award-winning titles, including FIFA 09, FIFA 10 and FIFA 11, with the FIFA series now spread over 24 years and has sold more than 80 million copies worldwide. More than 70 million players have been connected with the FIFA series around the world.

FIFA is developed by EA Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and is the top-selling sports franchise of all time, making our vision our own. FIFA is the flagship brand of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA), a leading global sports and entertainment company that develops and publishes interactive entertainment software titles across all major platforms. For more information, please visit

EA SPORTS Football Club

Football Club allows you to play as your favorite club online with friends and other EA SPORTS Football Club members, or local players, in a variety of club-sponsored competitions. Some of the most exciting and popular games include:

Club Friendly Matches

-Friendly matches where clubs face off against each other in friendly matches, with matches taking place in the towns and cities of your club and against opponents in your league. Each club in the game is able to register 5 Friendly matches per week, with the Best 4 results counting towards their season goal total.

-Friendly matches where clubs face off against each other in friendly matches, with matches taking place in the towns and cities of your club and against opponents in your league. Each club in the game is able to register 5 Friendly matches per week, with the Best 4 results counting towards their season goal total.

League Friendly Matches

-League matches, the backbone of the club game, that take place in the towns and cities of your club. Each club is able to register 10 League


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Build the ultimate team of professional footballers using the power of FUT Champions Mode. Use your hard-earned coins to improve your team’s chemistry, with over 1,000 authentic player and kits from over 100 teams, and create your dream squad with millions of possible players.

Matchday – Experience pure football adrenaline as you manage your squad throughout 90 minutes of action. Set up your lineup, prepare your tactics, and hone your star players with practice sessions, minutes against the AI, and fully-fledged friendlies.

My Pro – Share your gameplay in 4k and play the best moments of your gameplay in creative mode.

FIFA Ultimate Team Champions – Your ultimate club needs an ultimate home. Take your club from the stands to the pitch, as you construct the most magnificent stadium your club has ever known. Then load it into the game, and watch your club turn heads as they make waves in your community.

FIFA Ultimate Team Atmospheres – Take on the roles of your favorite clubs, and experience the atmosphere from the sidelines on an epic stadium tour. Or choose your favourite club from UEFA, and see what it’s like to be on the pitch as you hear your favourite chants in the stadium environment.

FIFA Ultimate Team Stadiums – Drive your clubs into the record books in the ultimate stadiums from FIFA and other football leagues around the world.

LOST SON (Unrated) Live out the story of a father’s struggle to find his teenage son, and the lengths he will go to in order to ensure he returns home safely.

PIZZA (Unrated) A single father is determined to have his dreams fulfilled. As he moves away from home to make a better life for his family, his search takes him across the country where he meets many interesting people in different places across the U.S.

WEEKEND WATCH (Unrated) At an unprecedented scale, an ex-international leader is about to challenge the powers that be. As his friends prepare for an extraordinary summit, he is invited to an extraordinary party that promises to change his life.

APOCALYPSE (Unrated) A man who is a keeper of secrets about to make his greatest mistake.

TIE-UP (Unrated) A criminal mastermind will do anything to escape the clutches of the police.

SAID STILL (Unrated) A husband who is so consumed with his work that he neglects his family


What’s new:

  • Explore the greatest fantasy teams of football history by being a part of the legendary players’ dreams. FIFA 22 introduces ‘Dream Team’ Moments, which happen in-game at key moments, either before or in-between a match, that turn a Dream Team into a reality. Dream Team moments have always been part of Fifa’s game, and this year’s new content lets you experience them in new ways. ‘Dream Team Moments’ can involve challenging conditions like thunderstorms, snow storms, driving rain and thunder, dangerous tackles, and player injuries.
  • Play as 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 and 8v8 scenarios at a variety of different stadiums. 5v5 delivers a more diverse and unpredictable action than ever before, the fastest-paced simulation of Matchday mode (and you can share …


Free Download Fifa 22 Product Key Full PC/Windows

What is FIFA? FIFA is the FIFA series of association football video games developed and published by EA Canada. Originally a series of underground games developed by EA Canada before it was acquired by the now defunct EA Sports, EA Canada is responsible for the development, design, marketing, and distribution of the game. Officially the series’ only title, FIFA is the most popular association football video game in the world, with over nine million units sold since the first FIFA game was released in August of 1993. FIFA features a wide variety of gameplay options and customizable gameplay. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows in September of 1995, PlayStation in August of 1996, and Xbox in October of 1998. A brief hiatus occurred in the series until 2005, when FIFA Street debuted in North America and later was released in Europe.

Version History

Version History: 1.0 +

Date Released: August 18, 2010

Release Date:












Note: The version of FIFA listed in the table above will be the initial release of FIFA for the platform, and will be available to all users in the region.


Gameplay: 3.0 +

Gameplay: 2.0 +

Gameplay: 1.0 +

Gameplay: 0.0 +


Gameplay: 3.0 +

Gameplay: 2.0 +

Gameplay: 1.0 +

Gameplay: 0.0 +


Gameplay: 3.0 +

Gameplay: 2.0 +

Gameplay: 1.0 +

Gameplay: 0.0 +


Gameplay: 3.0 +

Gameplay: 2.0 +

Gameplay: 1.0 +

Gameplay: 0.0 +

FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team is a feature where a user can collect and train a squad of 23 players to manage the team, complete challenges, earn rewards, and play with their friends in an online player manager. FIFA Ultimate Team was introduced in April of 2010 for FIFA 11, and then released for FIFA 12 on August 18, 2010. EA Sports has since announced that FIFA Ultimate Team will be making its debut in FIFA


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System Requirements:

Windows Vista
Windows 7
1 GHz Processor (RAM)
2 GB available Hard Disk Space
Tested the game on a Windows 7 PC with a 1 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM. Since a PC with these specifications can probably play the game at highest settings at around 30 frames per second, we don’t expect you to encounter any major performance issues.
There are several graphics settings in the game, and it’s recommended that you use the recommended settings for your machine. As mentioned before, the game has no restrictions regarding RAM, so we recommend


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