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The objective of FM 2014 – presented as ‘In FIFA Soccer, Forever’ – has been re-imagined. With new gameplay features, unprecedented authenticity and exceptional presentation, FIFA 14 delivers the most realistic football experience in history.

The year is 2026. Goalkeepers are now players too, and perfection is not just an option but a necessity in this young, high-pressure, intense and fast-paced game. And yet the experience of being a goalkeeper is still unique.

This has never been clearer than in FIFA 14, where the new FIFA 14 FIFA Ultimate Team mode makes it possible to perfectly recreate your best saves.

As part of the groundbreaking FIFA 2014 Revealed event, EA invited FIFPro to look at the state-of-the-art equipment available today in soccer. Not only did we talk to players and coaches about what they’ve seen, we also had the chance to see first-hand what they are using to improve their game.

We took a look at top-range goalkeeping tools and compared them with equipment designed to help the best of the best save or block shots.

For the longest time, goalkeepers spent most of their time diving to collect the ball, sometimes even causing injury. The big turning point came with the introduction of the first-person view in football video games. Now, goalkeepers could realistically see what was going on behind them.

The following is a case study of some of the new tools on the market to help goalkeepers improve.


Equipment in the hands of top-level goalkeepers has come a long way in the last two decades. Exact replicas of the clubs’ kit designs are now available, which makes it possible to create an accurate reproduction of the positions and movements of your favorite goalkeepers during matches.

Designers from industry leader Adidas created the FIFA 14 Tech Jacket, an advanced, protective goalkeeping tool that was initially introduced at the FIFA 14 Revealed event.

What’s the rationale behind the Adidas Tech Jacket?

You might be surprised to see Adidas on this list because they did not develop it. But Adidas is the brand that sells the most goalkeeping equipment in the world. Their technical prowess is unrivaled and a reason why Adidas is the largest supplier of football kit in the world.

The idea behind the Adidas Tech Jacket was to provide a goalkeeper with


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • The Journey Refined – Actions, decisions and tactics matter more than ever in FIFA 22. A world-first initiative called “Match Intelligence” has been developed to force players to make smarter, more intelligent decisions depending on the context of the game. The ultimate action, for example, follows a more sophisticated and strategic approach to evaluating players versus defenders and when to employ a short passing game, or using energy-based effects.
  • New Player Traits – New Player Traits enable you to improve the overall performance of your players to make them better fit your playing style. Trait cards can be played for an instant boost or improved their traits.
  • Exploration and Connection – Explore the Open World in a whole new way with new features including: balloon, parachute, and heartbeat-regulating steps.
  • Skye Technologies Powered by Motion Reality Capture™ (MRC™)
    • HyperMotion™ Technology
      • ‘Move with Attack’ Dynamic Online Player Camera and Match Playbacks give players a unique perspective on the action and support players who want to become a leader
      • Realistic Player Skin Vibration Technology lets you feel the ball in your hand and the wind on your face,
      • Dynamic Player Visuals use Motion Reality Capture™ (MRC™) technology to seamlessly transfer players to the game and control the weight of a player’s figure and body and their position on the pitch.
      • Match Intelligence features technology in attributes to create a more tactical and meaningful experience, make smart decisions and take advantage of the game.
        • Dominate the midfield by propelling your team forward as the ball masters stick to the floor.
        • Combine strength and size with your outside backs to dominate pack markers.
        • Use your opponent’s muscle to push them apart and into the box.
      • Generates Winners
        • Compete with Complete Player Chemistry
          • Chosen the right chemistry to compete alongside a more technical and skilled team?
        • Gain Ultimate Momentum
          • Support your team’s attacks and score more goals with streamlined play and scoring.


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          The quintessential football experience, FIFA captures all the excitement of authentic club gaming. FIFA is the original football experience, and the blueprint from which all other sports games are developed. It is one of the most popular and powerful football games on any platform. It is FIFA Ultimate Team™, Moment Match Day™, leagues and more. It is the fastest, most realistic and most exciting football game in the world.

          What has changed?


          The emotional connection between player and club.

          The emotional connection between player and club. Realism. Truly representing the game from grass roots all the way up to the Champions League™.

          The game now offers a new way to challenge your friends in online matches.

          Identifying real-world players and clubs brings together all the unpredictability and unpredictability of the real world of football.

          Small-sided games offer a quicker, smarter, more physical experience with more complexity and more variety than ever before. Small-sided games offer a quicker, smarter, more physical experience with more complexity and more variety than ever before.

          Creating a more balanced, balanced, balanced game.

          Creating a more balanced, balanced, balanced game. Combining all the innovations of Ultimate Team™ and improvements to the game’s striking and passing action, FIFA provides more options for players in every way.

          Players and coaches can customise anything in the game.

          Virtual coins can now be earned and used in every aspect of the game.

          A football match is now the starting point for your Ultimate Team™, with the introduction of a brand-new set of cards.

          The game now plays a much bigger part in the Ultimate Team™ and Online Seasons.

          EA SPORTS™ FIFA Social, an all-new service which allows fans to play the game as the action unfolds on the pitch, as well as share their favourite goals and tackles. EA SPORTS™ FIFA Social, an all-new service which allows fans to play the game as the action unfolds on the pitch, as well as share their favourite goals and tackles.

          What’s new in FIFA Ultimate Team?

          More realistic coin-per-minute and more accurate Player Power™:

          The experience of player management has been dramatically changed with more realistic player actions and a new way to play with coins.

          A new card earning system that


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          What’s new:

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