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We had Photoshop’s version, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3, available at no cost in our previous editions, but Lightroom’s online version, which updates regularly, is now free (and offers most of Lightroom’s features) and is also worth exploring. See the link on the What’s New dialog box for more info.

# Photoshop As a Digital Scrapbooker

When it comes to digitally creating scrapbooks, Photoshop _is_ scrapbooking software. It’s _the_ product for reproducing a photo from one medium to another; using it to reduce, crop, rotate, and change the brightness of a picture that’s been snapped using a digital camera or phone; or making that photo entirely different in appearance.

On the other hand, Photoshop’s photo-editing features aren’t _the_ best for scrapbooking. In general, the best tools for the job are those that are optimized for the specific style of scrapbooking, like the Fireworks, Elements, or Paint Shop Pro family products. There’s a reason that Apple and Photoshop are heading for the scrapbooking/family product market: Many of the best scrapbooking tools are great photo-editing tools. There are many good tutorials and books available for Photoshop’s photo-editing features.

Now, here’s how to create a digital scrapbook using Photoshop.

## Putting a Stamp on a Digital Photo

A digital scrapbook is a collection of photographs, not unlike a paper scrapbook. Like a paper scrapbook, you can store a lot of information about each photo: who was there, when the photo was taken, and so on. Using Photoshop Elements’ built-in (and downloadable) Organizer, you can also

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Some simple Photoshop tips and tricks are those that will help you to improve your images, gain better Photoshop speed, get better saved images, design other characters in your games and share images with all of your friends.

Speed up Photoshop

You can avoid it but after some time you can notice that Photoshop is slow. It is because it’s always looking for the best image and when you export your image or zoom in or out it’s slowing down.

So the first tip that I would like to share with you is that you should do a bigger file than you think you need.

It’s better to start with 2X the image than you will be able to do without a problem. Although the program will need to convert your image to a file format that is supported by Photoshop.

In most cases that will be BMP and JPG. It’s easier to do it on a JPG because it’s very fast.

You will find a large number of practical tips and techniques to speed up Photoshop, check them out.

Save faster

2X as I mentioned before is a good starting point. After that you will need to go to the menu > File > Save As

After the file name you just choose a place where you want to save the file in the next step. Depending on your computer speed you should choose JPEG if it’s a small file and PNG if the file is big.

After you choose the extension click OK then save the file. You can wait a few seconds for the file to save.

File Handling

It’s very important that you convert your images to a supported format. This is the first step for saving your work.

You should not leave it all to the program, check the image every time you’re on it. Open it in some editor or a tablet (I recommend Wacom Intuos). You will improve the image a lot in the beginning and it’s easy to make mistakes.

If you want to know more about file handling you can read more about it on

Change the color profile

It’s a very useful tool if you want to have great-looking images. If you are not sure about it you can download the program here.

After you download the program open it and click on the icon with the lightning to the upper right.

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How to use SQLite C API from PHP?

I need to use the SQLite C API from a PHP script, but it is not working. I believe it’s because I am not handling the memory deallocation correctly. The script works fine if I run it directly from PHP, but crashes and dies when I call it from command line.
How can I correctly use the C API from PHP?


For PHP with Postgres just use PDO.
$stmt = $db->prepare(‘select * from people’);
$row = $stmt->fetchObject();

For SQLite, I could not find the correct answer, but you have to somehow manage the memory.


You need to call sqlite3_close() at the end of your script.



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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop CS6:

– Windows 7/8/10
– 1 GB of RAM
– 3 GB of space on your hard drive
– (3) working mouse buttons (not including the scroll wheel)
– (1) USB port
– (1) microphone
– (1) keypad
– (1) headphones
– (1) SSD
– (1) HDMI port (for an HD TV)
– (1) Ethernet port (for an Internet connection)

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Frank Castle

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