X-ApacheOpenOffice Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code [32|64bit] Latest

X-ApacheOpenOffice Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code [32|64bit] Latest

Formerly known as X-OpenOffice.org, X-ApacheOpenOffice is a well-rounded piece of software which enables users to write texts, create drawings, databases and presentations and calculate mathematical formulas. This can be viewed as a more affordable alternative to the popular Microsoft Office.
Portability conveniences
This is the portable version of Apache OpenOffice.org, which means that the installation process is not necessary and that it is not going to add new items to the Windows registry and hard drive without your approval (as installers usually do). Moreover, it is not going to leave any kind of traces behind.
If you place the program files to an external data device (e.g. pen drive), you unlock the possibility of running X-ApacheOpenOffice on any PC you have been granted access to, on the fly.
Create text documents
This software application is comprised of multiple tools. To be more precise, you can access a text editor, which enables you to add bookmarks, breaks, special characters, footnotes, endnotes and tables, as well as use a spell check, view word count, create a digital signature and the list goes on.
Professional-looking presentations and spreadsheets
The spreadsheet creator enables you to use a large number of built-in formulas, insert rows and columns, add new sheets, generate charts, insert comments, use text formatting options and group items. Presentation can also be created with custom or one of the incorporated layouts, transition effects, themes, animations and gallery items. Furthermore, slides can be duplicated, certain actions can be set up at mouse click and you can preview the whole project.
Databases, math calculations and drawings
The drawing tool contains a significant amount of templates (shapes, ClipArt), integrates chart creation, glue points and many types of pens, as well as a great deal of color correcting options. Databases can be created with the help of a wizard, while the math tool enables you to a wide range of relations, binary operators, functions, attributes, brackets, formats and the list goes on.
All of these items present extensive Help contents, support a really large number of file types both at import and export, contain a few wizards and enable you to create macros.
Bottom line
To conclude, X-ApacheOpenOffice is an efficient and reliable office suite, which closely rivals the Microsoft Office pack. It is not going to put a strain on the computer’s performance, the interface is intuitive and clean and there are more than plenty of options to keep you glued to your PC for quite a while. The output quality of all items is high and we did not run into any kind of issues, such as errors, crashes or hangs.







X-ApacheOpenOffice Crack+ Torrent Free Download [32|64bit] [2022]

What is the cost of X-ApacheOpenOffice Crack For Windows?
While the pricing of X-ApacheOpenOffice Cracked 2022 Latest Version is not disclosed by any means, the team of developers started advertising the product as of April 2013, so we assume that it will cost you a pretty penny. We have no idea how much it is going to be though, as Cracked X-ApacheOpenOffice With Keygen is still in alpha version.
What operating systems does X-ApacheOpenOffice Crack Mac support?
This office suite is mostly active on Windows environments, although there are plans to make this software available on Linux, Mac and FreeBSD. Furthermore, it does not support mobile devices, which are generally included in other apps.
What do I get when I buy X-ApacheOpenOffice?
What you get is a home-made version of Microsoft Office, and it is only free for a limited period of time. It is not the full version of Office that you can buy in stores and will be delivered to you the moment you purchase it.
X-ApacheOpenOffice structure
When you get your copy of X-ApacheOpenOffice, you will find a folder, named X-ApacheOpenOffice.exe, inside a folder, named x-openoffice_installer. To be able to extract the installer, you need to run the file’s executable and go through the installation wizard, as it will be described later.
Once you have run the file and have installed the software, you can easily launch it using X-ApacheOpenOffice.com. If you run the program from the Start menu, a folder called X-ApacheOpenOffice will be found there, where you can run it from, as well as access to its Help.
How do I use X-ApacheOpenOffice?
You can have a whole number of options here, since you will be able to turn off any feature, change the language, install a template package, and more. You can go through the Help by pressing Alt+F1 and select the window’s menu or just open any other document. The Help panel is the most used one, so it is a good idea to learn everything you can about it when you open the software.
It is a pretty intuitive software with a clean and detailed interface. On top of it, you can create and open documents, presentations, spreadsheets and drawings, add effects and transitions to the project, create a digital signature and keep all your data safe.
Note that this

X-ApacheOpenOffice License Key Full [April-2022]

The Wordpad that the creators of X-OpenOffice.org want you to love.

Advanced features:

Create complex cross referencing styles and publish to LaTeX.

Our verdict

The author of this software application actually goes into great details in his video presentation about the X-ApacheOpenOffice Serial Key.org solution and we are happy to say that it is a great tool for users looking for a multi-purpose office suite. Therefore, it would be great if you join us in the 5 minute review process.We’re about:

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X-ApacheOpenOffice Crack + Free Registration Code [32|64bit]

X-ApacheOpenOffice is an open source office suite, which allows users to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

This package contains X-OpenOffice 3.2.1-r2

Application Details:

System Requirements:

Windows XP Home, Professional and Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate







Release Date:


User reviews:

Reviews by

X-ApacheOpenOffice.org 4.1.2 (4.1.0)

Review this product

A Must Have Product

I downloaded the X-ApacheOpenOffice.org.zip package from the link provided in the X-ApacheOpenOffice.org forum. I installed it on Windows XP and it worked like a champ. It’s about the best piece of software I’ve found that I could write a nice review about. I used it extensively for a long time and I liked it so much I purchased the Premium version and used it for a long time also. I don’t know how well it runs on other Windows versions but I like it so much that I’ll keep it no matter what. I’m switching to OpenOffice 3.3 in the future.

Review this product

Love it or hate it…

I started using X-ApacheOpenOffice.org back when it was OpenOffice.org 3.0 Beta, and I have always used it. I recently tried to open a document while on Vista Home Premium (SP1) and X-ApacheOpenOffice.org just opens, no error message, no nothing. It worked on XP, and I didn’t have any problems. I had the same experience with a file I edited in X-ApacheOpenOffice.org on Vista Home Premium (SP1), and it opened fine. I changed my opinion after I tried to open a document while on XP using X-ApacheOpenOffice.org, and it just opens, no error message, no nothing. It worked in the beta versions, but now it doesn’t work anymore. I don’t want to keep it but I hate Vista and I hate XP. I really hate Vista and I really hate XP. I don’t have any documentation about the betas, I was hoping to keep it around but now

What’s New in the X-ApacheOpenOffice?

X-ApacheOpenOffice is a freeware office software which can be used for both business and personal purposes. The software was formerly known as X-OpenOffice.org.

Download X-ApacheOpenOffice for FREE (non-registered version)

X-ApacheOpenOffice 4.0.3

File name: X-ApacheOpenOffice_4.0.3_Microsoft_Windows_XP_SP2.exe

Size: 2.73 MB (3,718,332 bytes)

Language: English, Czech, Polish

Release Date: 07/17/2006

File type: Installer/Setup installer

System requirements:

Microsoft Windows XP SP2

The freeware application can be installed to a disk drive with an unformatted and free space. To do so, the manufacturer recommends to make use of the System’s Disk Management utility.

The installation files can be downloaded immediately after being registered on the X-ApacheOpenOffice website. This step is necessary because an activation code has to be provided in order to complete the process.

Click “Download” to start the download process.

The installer can be executed by double clicking the provided file.

The installation will start in a few moments.

The required license key will be prompted. Type it into the provided field and click “Add”.

The download will be completed automatically.

It takes up to a few minutes to install the program. In case of an error, please wait until it is completed.

Please note that X-ApacheOpenOffice may require additional components that are not provided in the download package.

It is strongly advised to download and run a free registry scan tool like CCleaner to delete any leftover traces of previously installed software programs that are not required any longer.

X-ApacheOpenOffice Changes/fixes:

Version: 4.0.3

Support for XML written in the Latin-1 character set, another reformatting of Chinese support

The installation will be completed with no problems. You can close the window or run the program immediately.


(1) Where can I get the latest version of X-ApacheOpenOffice?

To download X-ApacheOpenOffice.org for FREE (non-registered version), please click the following link:

(2) How do I register X-

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10, 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7, 64-bit
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 (2 GB), ATI Radeon HD 5850 (2 GB) or better, 64-bit
Storage: 10 GB available space
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Steam: Not required
The Add-on Manager: Not required
Additional Notes: Requires a high-


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