Portable WebIssues Crack License Key Full [Mac/Win] (Final 2022) 💭

Portable WebIssues Crack License Key Full [Mac/Win] (Final 2022) 💭







Portable WebIssues Full Product Key

You can use it to prepare and manage weekly todo lists and goal columns as well as to keep your teams on track. WebIssues uses an innovative concept to provide users with real-time visibility into their team’s progress. It gives anyone a good overview and visibility, which helps to make everyone work together more efficiently and effectively.

The current version of WebIssues also includes a full-featured task management system. Additionally, it offers various scheduler functionalities that allow businesses to better manage their projects and workflows.

Using the Intelligent Workflow Management Service (IWMS) and the Task List feature, managers have the capability to monitor their team progress and keep track of their workflow. WebIssues allows to set a deadline for any task, perform the to-do assignment and offers various scheduler functionalities.

The tasks in the system can be easily classified in various ways, enabling team members to work effectively. For instance, you can set the task owner in order to make it easier for them to view the assigned task and also add a deadline in case they are not able to accept the initial assignment.

The smart Workflow Management Service (IWMS) lets you assign tasks to team members and track their progress. In addition to that, it provides a dynamic Time Management functionality that can help you keep your teams on track. The service gives you the ability to set a deadline for any task, pause any ongoing to-do assignment and send a notification to all involved team members when a certain to-do assignment has been completed.

So, What Users are Saying?

We are overwhelmed by your support! Our users have been using WebIssues for over two years and we are very happy that they really like it. Thank you for such a positive feedback!

I use this product every day! This is the best time tracker available. It’s easy to install, very easy to use, and gets the job done. Seriously, if it weren’t for this, I would be unhappy.

You know what is great about WebIssues? That it’s free! If you want to try this one out, go ahead. Don’t be shy. You won’t be disappointed.


A team is a group of individuals who collaborate on a goal. While teamwork is widely considered one of the most successful ways to achieve a company’s goals, team communication is often challenging. Using WebIssues, teams can easily

Portable WebIssues Crack Free [Win/Mac]

We’re very happy to announce the release of WebIssues 4.3. This new version comes with various new features and is now more stable than ever. In this latest release, we’ve included some major changes and improvements to help you manage your team’s projects more effectively and efficiently.
WebIssues Core Features

New “Task Projects” report.

New “Agenda” view.

New support request form.

Improved notification controls and setting.

Improved report settings and custom report reordering.

Improved section category navigation.

Improved report download.

Bugfixes and performance optimizations

Here is what’s new in WebIssues 4.3:

Task Projects

A new task projects report enables you to track and sort your team’s open tasks in an easier and more visually appealing way. The report allows you to view both tasks that have been assigned to you and those assigned to a specific team member (also known as the Responsible). In addition, the report includes the last one by when a task was last updated.

Great news for teams! Now, you can easily see the latest task updates and what’s happening to them in an easier way. Not only will this help you manage your projects efficiently, but it’ll make your team members aware of each other’s activities and help reduce miscommunication.


The “Agenda” view displays the new “Task Projects” report in a list that allows you to preview the tasks, assignees, due date and status, and so on. You can also sort tasks by priority, assignees, and projects to manage your busy time effectively.

Support Requests

The new support request form is a reliable and easy way to get in touch with team members whenever something needs your attention. It’s extremely effective as it enables you to keep track of all support requests, new issues and open tasks.

This is a real time saver as you no longer have to search for a web browser window or log on a different application just to keep an eye on the support issues.

Notification Settings

WebIssues 4.3 offers new “Notification Settings”. With this feature, you can easily set the status and priority of notifications, and even choose which tasks or projects to notify as well as the time to

Portable WebIssues Crack License Code & Keygen

WebIssues is a web-based communication and issue tracking tool. This application can be customized easily to meet your requirements. You can easily view updates from team members and important issues from a single point. You can view your updates and status from a single location. You can view your tasks or issues and their priority levels from the web application.
It can work in all platforms and the application lets you know of your tasks, deadlines, status updates and other related information from anywhere in the world. By the users, you can easily view issues and their detail descriptions which have an option to view the images, attachments and comments too.
It provides you an easy way to track issues and tasks from a single app.
The application can be customized easily.
It provides better overview and to the issue details and updates.
It can provide issue and task management.
WebIssues Web Application:
You can use this application in all platforms and operating systems. The app supports mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phones and tablets, Nokia Symbian, and etc.
How to Install and Use WebIssues?
Download WebIssues from the link given here.
Open the link in the web browser.
Once the download is complete, you can find the installation file on your hard disk.
Double click the file.
Open the directory and extract the app.
Copy WebIssues.exe on your desktop.
Now go to the directory and run the program.
Once the program is done with the installation process, you have to start the application by double clicking the “StartWebIssues” icon.
When you click on the icon, you will have to enter the URL of the server on your local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN).
When you press on the icon, the application will launch and the URL is automatically filled up.
Type in the URL of the server and click the “Connect” button.
You will be asked to authenticate yourself. You can do this by entering the password of the server.
Once your authentication is done, you can see the details and the issues of the server on your screen.
You will have to enter the password in order to connect to the server.
Press the “Save” button on the top-right corner of the interface to save your settings.
You will be able to see the login settings when you go back to the home page.

What’s New in the?

Portable webIssues is a open source task management software that allows teams and communities to collaborate in real time. It was built to support different platforms and devices, including PCs, Macs, Android phones and other mobile devices.
It supports all the common features – such as time-tracking, task tracking, support requests, discussions and attachments – of traditional web apps, but with the advantage that these can be synced between different devices.
When configuring the tool, users can choose from dozens of themes to define the look and feel of the application. In addition, they can edit the tasks, projects and issues displayed and add one or more staff members.
Users can be assigned to projects and tasks, which in turn allows them to specify what they want to work on and for how long.
Added Features:
Search projects and tasks
Create new projects and tasks
Invite staff members to a project or task
Log time in projects and tasks
See the history of tasks and projects
Assign staff members to projects and tasks
Add attachments to issues and projects
Pick custom color themes
Choose from 7 mobile themes
Supports Android, iOS, and Windows 7, 8, and 10 devices
Supports all commonly used browsers – including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari – as well as Android browsers


WebIssues is a web-based task management tool that can be used on any desktop or mobile device.
It allows teams and communities to collaborate on a regular basis, or simply keep track of the tasks in their projects.
Add issue tracking, remote collaboration, PDF files, comments, tasks and more to your projects.
When configuring the tool, users can choose from hundreds of web themes to define the look and feel of the application.

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System Requirements For Portable WebIssues:

• DirectX® 11 compatible graphics card
• Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows Server® 2012 R2
• 1 GB RAM
• 50 GB available space
• 1280×720 screen resolution
• H.265 H.264 High Profile or High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) support
• Dual AVCHD and MPEG-4 AVC support
• DS™ HD (Dual Stream) source input device
• HDMI® 1.4 compliant output device
Release Notes:


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