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EASunlock Suite Crack X64







EASunlock Suite Crack + Free Download [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]

The EASunlock Suite is a powerful and easy to use application for the purpose of calibrating and
frequently programming your Range Rover Classic/P38a Electronic Air Suspension (EAS).
The Suit is ideal for customers that do not have the necessary programming tools, as it allows
interactive test, calibration, and programming of your EAS.

For those customers that have the necessary tools the EASunlock Suite will add a temporary circuit to allow the P38a programming tool to test the EAS.
You will then be prompted to add the EASunlock Suite to allow the P38a tool to read faults and calibrate the suspension.

EASunlock Suite features:


Read faults

Calibrate suspension

Program low pressure master cylinder

Program 2×2

Program rate of pressure change with regulator switch

Program Compression/Restriction & Regulator

Read faults


Program Low Pressure Master Cylinder

Program 2×2

Program Rate of Pressure Change with Regulator Switch

Program Compression/Restriction & Regulator

Calibration tests

Program/Reset/Calibrate Suspension

The suite runs under Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. A user must have a PC that can support XP,Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 without any errors.

To use EASunlock Suite follow these instructions:

Ensure the PC has an internet connection
Ensure the PC has the software from the Roverweb site, thesuite.exe
Press the Windows-I key on the keyboard and select Run from the context menu, or manually navigate to where you saved the EASunlock Suite, and double-click on the suite.exe file.
Press Yes

Please Note:

This application uses the internet for all updates and calibration.

This application requires an internet connection.

The image on the left shows the user’s screen while running the suite.
The image on the right shows the screen after the application has completed.

This application uses the internet for all updates and calibration.

This application requires an internet connection.

Software Requirements:

Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10


Install the software from

EASunlock Suite Crack+ With Serial Key [2022]

The EASunlock suite includes both EAS program and diagnostic functions. It is designed to test and reset the vehicle from zero miles to normal operating conditions. The EASunlock control centre has 3 zones (1 main menu and 2 Test buttons) that allow the user to access all functions from the remote display. The user can also calibrate their valve settings, all done from the remote display and whilst the vehicle is in motion.
EASunlock Suite Features:
The EASunlock Suite includes many functions including:
* Manual reset of the vehicle, from 0 to 50% of the operating range of the vehicle.
* Dump and dump test of the valve system.
* Reset all faults, using the fail safe option which will reset all of the vehicle systems.
* Calibrate the Valve Adjustment.
* Reset the valve for calibration of the valve system.
* Calibrate the Manifold
* Diagnostic testing of the Central Controller and the Valve read out screens.
* The EASunlock Suite utilises the Radio Control (RC) compatible head unit for EAS and diagnostic functions.
* The EASunlock Suite utilises the receiver connected to the Head Unit.
* The EASunlock Suite utilises the Head Unit connected to the Radio Control (RC) and functions to monitor the vehicle condition.
* EASunlock Suite will display:
– The vehicle maximum operating range.
– Vehicle Maximum operating RPM.
– The Latest Setpoint.
– The vehicle maxi cylinder pressure.
* The EASunlock Suite will display:
– The ECU maximum range.
– The failure codes.
* The EASunlock Suite will display:
– The valve setting.
– The valve pressure.
* The EASunlock Suite will display:
– The leak check.
* The EASunlock Suite will display:
– The output current.
* The EASunlock Suite will display:
– The brake pressure.
* The EASunlock Suite will display:
– The battery voltage.
* The EASunlock Suite will display:
– The TPM (Time Pressure Monitor) set point.
* The EASunlock Suite will display:
– The battery charge.
* The EASunlock Suite will display:
– The Condition Steering Pressure.
* The EASunlock Suite will display:
– The

EASunlock Suite Crack Incl Product Key

The EASunlock Suite is designed for vehicle owners looking to perform a thorough diagnostic on their vehicle’s Electronic Air Suspension. This Program has been designed to solve common problems observed by vehicle owners and technicians, helping owners to pinpoint the problem, and producing professional results.
EASunlock Suite Features:
• EAS reset, reset all air speed sensors and calibrate all air springs
• Range Rover pin codes (P38a) Reset and calibration
• Full programming for airbag status
• Read faults
• Air compressors
• Malfunctions indicators
• DPF and TCG malfunctions
• Throttle position calibration
• Air pressure sensor calibration
• Multimeter functions
• Diagnostic messages
• EASstatus fault codes
• Calibrate air springs
• Calibrate boost pressure
• Reset all air springs (includes left and right)
• Airbag faults
• Airbag fault codes
• Multimeter functions
• Diagnostic messages
• Pin fault codes
• TCC faults
• Input/output diagnostics
• Reset TCC and POR faults
• Reset ALL faults (plus many other features)
• Air compressor indicator
• Malfunction indications
• Manually calibrated air springs
• Calibrate air springs when snow and ice.
• Calibrate single cylinder air springs
• Manual reset (the original resetting procedure with no programming)
• Ambient temperature sensor calibration
• Work with LS/Engines/Transmission/ESP/TCC up to 65,000 miles
• Calibrate air pressure gauge sensors
• Calibrate gasoline volume gauges
• Check power steering sensors
• Check power steering pump
• Diagnostic messages
• Reset all AIR
• Reset the A18X
• Reset the A18SE
• Reset the A18CL
• Reset the A20A
• Reset the A20X
• Reset the A20SE
• Reset the A20CL
• Reset the A21
• Reset the A21X
• Reset the A22
• Reset the A22X
• Reset the A23
• Reset the A23X
• Reset the A24
• Reset the A24X
• Reset the A25
• Reset the A25X
• Reset the A26
• Reset the A26X
• Reset the A27
• Reset the A28
• Reset the A28X
• Reset the A29

What’s New in the EASunlock Suite?

This is a free software tool designed to analyse, reset, read faults and calibrate and set up the Range Rover Electronic Air Suspension.
• This tool is for Range Rover P38a/Classic vehicles only and works on either the PC, the mobile or the tablet device.

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