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The following tips cover general Photoshop use, which are generally the same regardless of which version of Photoshop you are using:

* Highlight the area you want to edit (or to be edited if you’re doing a clone or a layer mask). To select an area, press Shift+click or right-click and then choose select.
* When you create a new layer in Photoshop, you can adjust its opaqueness by pressing the O key (Object) on the keyboard. You can also adjust the opacity of a layer in the Layers palette (see Figure 6-2) or the Channels palette (see Figure 6-3).
* To see all the layers on a document, press the A key (or to turn off layers, press the Shift+A key) or click the layer name in the Layers palette. A display of the layer stack will appear in the box at the bottom of the palette. You can hide layers as well by selecting them and pressing the E key (or Shift+E) or dragging them to the bottom of the Layers palette or out of the visible area.
* You can change the order of the layers by dragging one of them up or down in the layer stack. To edit a layer and make it active, simply click it. To apply a layer’s effect to the active layer, click the Layer Effects icon in the top-right corner of the Layers palette (circled in Figure 6-2).
* To move an object, you can use the arrow keys, the Drag key, or the Move tool (which is the traditional way to move objects). To create a new layer, press the K key and choose Create New Layer. To duplicate an object, highlight it and press the D key. (You can also duplicate an image by pressing Shift+D.) To change the size of an object, press the Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut, or from the Control panel (Windows) or the Image menu, select Edit→Transform. Press the T key to enter a dialog box where you can select the scale and orientation of the object. To rotate a layer, press the R key and drag the handles (red arrows) that appear to drag the layer around. When you release the mouse button, the rotation is applied. To erase a selection, press the Delete key on the keyboard.
* You can zoom in and out with the Zoom tool. (The Zoom tool behaves similarly to the scroll wheel in programs

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Adobe Photoshop elements is a member of the simple software category, it was created by Adobe Systems, and it is available for Windows only.

After the October 10, 2018, version update, Adobe Photoshop Elements has both a Windows and Mac download option.

Most people use the software to create and edit images for everyday projects, such as sharing with friends, family and coworkers on social media, or sending to a printer.

Many basic tools are included with Adobe Photoshop Elements. The features can be further enhanced by changing the number of saved layers and blending modes. Photoshop Elements also includes tools for retouching images.


Basic tools

Open a folder

Open an image folder or open a single image

Image editing

Rotate, mirror, straighten and resize

Skew, crop, resize and crop

Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and so on

Remove red eye, adjust clarity, sharpen, perspective and other tools

Selection tools

Rectangle selection

Ellipse selection

Freehand selection

Smart Selection tool

Adjust color, brightness, saturation and other options

Correct image perspective, edges and other tools

Enhance tools

Adjust the overall contrast, brightness, color temperature, color tint and exposure

Adjust glare, reflections and other tools

Adjust lens vignette and other tools

Object-based tools

The following tools create a new layer:


Create new layer


Merge Down

Merge Up

Merge Selected Down

Merge Selected Up

Flow Down

Flow Up

Flow Selected Down

Flow Selected Up


Create a selection using a mask

Adjust the mask


Create a new layer






Edit the mask


Add a stroke

Edit the stroke

Draw path

Draw a selection

Quick selection


Add a new fill

Adjust the fill

Add a watermark

Add a watermark image

Adjust the watermark image

Add a text watermark

Adjust the text of the watermark image

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What i already have is:
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10
Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core i3 (2.4GHz or better), AMD A10
Intel Core i3 (2.4GHz or better), AMD A10 Memory: 4GB
4GB Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible video card (256MB or more)
DirectX 11 compatible video card (256MB or more) Sound Card: Microsoft Sound System compatible sound card (32-bit stereo)
Microsoft Sound System compatible sound card (32-bit stereo)
Peripherals: Mouse, Keyboard

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